The Dogs of War


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    Ancient blackened death metal inspired in the Classic Roman Era.

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Troubled times The balance of power is changing in Rome Three champions spread supremacy Willing to fight for pieces of the empire Crassus, the richest man in Rome, usurer and extortionist He enlarged his fortune in the shadow of Sulla Triumphant in the Battle of Colline Gate Exterminator of the slave revolt The most opulent man of Rome He tried his coveted metals in the Parthians domains A shadow of greed grows And there will be war over the ashes of the Empire Pompey the Great, the young butcher New man, climbed over the spoils of their opponents Scourge of Gaius Marius Sertorius executioner Judge of pirates Mithridates looter Willing to roll the dice for being the first man in Rome Caesar, will you be the winner of this terrible business? Under the auspices of which God do you think you will destroy the Republic? Funded by Crassus gold Related to Pompey the Great You have ravaged Gaul and stuffed your coffers
The Gallic tribes rise up Under pressure of Rome A consecrated alliance To recover freedom The forces concentrate in front of the city The legions are coming led by Caesar After burnt soil, victories and defeats We will build a wall around the city Hunger and thirst will destroy them We know that reinforcements will come We will build another retaining wall outside The Gallic leader prepares the defense The cavalry attacks the construction But finally, the works end Locked, are required extreme measures Women, children and elderly are thrown outside And the Romans prevent their path Caught between two walls Die, contemplated in the despair Here come the reinforcements A double attack and we will kill them Don’t despair companions Seeing your families dying Swords in the dark The slaughter will begin The die is cast for the city of Alesia The die is cast for the Gallic nation On the walls crash combined forces At nightfall Blood splatters the walls The viscera fall from close formation The flames light up the sky Iron meets the bone The legions contains the enemy And the Germanic cavalry crushes the rearguard The Gallic troops are defeated Scattered across the nation The city capitulated unconditionally The chieftain Vercingetorix gives up his weapons Under the eagle banner To die strangled in the city of Rome The die is cast for the city of Alesia The die is cast for the Gallic nation
Through the windstorm Caesar descends the rocks of Cenaurio With seven legions following the footsteps of the enemy After setbacks, laurels, glory and infamy The armies faced in the vicinity of Pharsalia Urged by his generals, Pompey, shadow of a great man Decided to battle And take down Caesar with a superior army After a battle-cry, rain of darts Weapons are drawn and there is a metal crash The large Pompeian cavalry circle the flank And put to flight the Caesarian riders But after the Caesarian legions Veteran cohorts appear That in Caesar’s trick Go out to meet the Pompeian cavalry A tough clash between blood and iron Enter the cohorts And the riders, surprised and crushed, turn tail and run The front resists firmly Until the flank is surrounded The Pompeian front/ retreat in disarray Leaving weapons and banners Pushing to their camp The enemy is embattled A tough skirmish
Sweat blinded your eyes and blood clots covered your body The insignia collapsed and all seemed to turn into a nightmare’s You felt an arm stretching out and a face placed on you gesticulating unrelated words You lost sight of as a mirage and you felt like running between illusory mists And the time seemed to stop until you felt the whisper of the waves And staring at familiar faces you believed feeling your spirit beating again And listening to the murmur of the waves you knew that the gods no longer guided you Following sirens songs to a vague future Until at last you stared at the land of Egypt You thought in your allies, in mobilizing new legions to end this war in a setback And when you reached the coast sorrowful you made clear that a plain procession was waiting And in that moment you remembered Sophocles: “whoever is routed to a Tyrant, is his slave, although he has arrived free” you whispered When you got off you recognized friendly faces and you examined a veteran And when you shook his hand a sting broke your flesh Some people say or remember seeing Caesar’s tears when he saw afterwards your motionless face on a tray
Beware of the Ides of March Caesar, tyrant king Don’t laugh at the auspices Envy, hate and avarice Wielding cold metal Cassius, Casca and Brutus Names of shame Caesar, tyrant King Don’t laugh, the Ides haven’t finished Caesar fooled is being led to the senate His murderers escort him Gazes of fear Twenty-three dogs killing a wolf Casca holds Caesar, the untouchable What kind of violence is this? Strikes the first stab Help, brothers! Casca shouts And the dogs came to the call Dance of blood on the marble The togas are twisted Twenty knives going through the flesh A body convulses The remains lie Under the gaze of the unperturbed Pompey’s face Marco Antonio collects them And shows them to the people The thirteenth legion Lights the pyre of the tyrant king The angry masses gaze the spectacle Shaky contract in blood And his last breath Covers the face with his cloak Red tunics and red marble Murderers of the Republic Dance to the sound of impiety Trampling the last values Twenty knives going through the flesh A body convulses, fighting for his life In a bloody mouth Last words arise You too, Brutus? So, Imperator Caesar rests
The waves were carrying terror Landing in Athenian lands They were squashed by the big Pandion Helped by the thracian Tereus In his veins was running The blood of God Ares Sealed the Alliance With the hand of the daughter Of big Pandion, Procne Under pernicious auguries An owl extends his wings In sign of the tragedy The sun crosses five autumns The docile swell transport a craft The young Philomela Madness and lust Tereus rapes Philomela And the iron seals the moment The root of the tongue flutters And the top murmurs convulsed On the black floor Catching an eternal silence But Gods are not quiet they don’t even hesitate Procne found her sister One trembles The other embraces her son Confusing this way Her anxieties of revenge But she understands the terrible blood That she embraces in her arms And the revenge turns Clearer than never Start the banquet Tereus fills his stomach Looking around asks Where’s our son? Procne smiles and answers What are you looking for, you have it inside And throws to the father the bloody head This way ended the reign of Tereus Unfortunate tomb of his son


I - The Hands of War
II - Triumvirate - "Ashes of the Empire"
III - Alesia - "Swords in the Dark"
IV - Rubicon - "Alea Iacta Est"
V - Pharsalia - "A New King Rise"
VI - Pompey - "Between Illusory Mists"
VII - Ides of March - "So Imperator Caesar Rest"
VIII - Havoc - "The Dogs of War"
IX - Tereus - "Tomb of his Son"
X - Mirror of Cronus


released July 6, 2018


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